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Your shop of online sale of brand's clothes for women, Vetements-Online proposes you the last trends of the ready-to-wear clothing woman. All our brands of womenswear are grouped in four tendencies: creators woman clothes, casual woman clothes, urban woman clothes and romantic woman clothes.

vetements-online proposes you a feminin fashion, atypical and avant-gardist.

Your shop online Vetements-Online proposes you the last tendencies of the feminin ready-to-wear  and the woman clothing major brands of the will find long or short dresses, trapeze or bubble skirts, tunics for superimposing and of course trousers, capri pants, shirts  and jackets.

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Discover our new brands for the summer 2012

Zoom on the brand VOODOO.
The brand Voodoo asserts a determinedly modern and feminine style and breathe a spirit of simplicity and class. The brand is always in the trend with a zest of originality... The French-style chic!

DDP woman, an urban brand.
DDP is a French brand of clothes for an active and urban woman, for a dynamic woman, sure of her, to see a stalk rebels and especially at ease with herself.

ELISA CAVALETTI, a brand for smart and sophisticated woman.
With ELISA CAVALETTI, The refinement is for the honor. We like the set of the materials and the associations. The touches of colors are also present but only to revitalize a silhouette...

LAUREN VIDAL, a brand for demanding woman.
Lauren Vidal is one French brand which presents a pure, creative and innovative line. Very feminine, she asserts her values through timeless collections. Feelings and sincerity are the margic words of this brand.

Voodoo and DDP: a desire of originality
Because we wish to propose you the best trends of the fashion, our shop welcomes from today two trendy and determinedly contemporary clothes brands that are Voodoo and DDP.

New brands make their appearance on vetements-online.
Worried about the satisfaction of her customers, vetements-online propose from the next season of new brands of clothes to give you an even wider choice.

Lino Factory becomes Myrine and Me

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