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The under-dresses

The under-dresses

Under-dresses return in force to allow superimposing. Under-dresses can be plain, printed, ended with lace or embroidery on the below. Under-dresses can be long or short. Under-dresses serve to illuminate or to extend a dress.


Under-dresses as you like


Under-dresses are going to serve when they are long and ended with embroidery,  tulle or  lace to give a romantic retro style to a sober dress. You can also wear an under-dress printed to play on the effect of transparency of a dress over and make it more bright. You can even push aside the codes with certain under-dress splendidly worked that you can wear over a dress, so the dress becomes under-dress and the under-dress becomes dress.

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Tylos Lyssa dress Rhum Raisin
Tylos Lyssa dress Rhum Raisin

75.00 € 52.50 € macaron
Dress Rhum Raisin

Black Gotta underdress dress Marilu
Black Gotta underdress dress Marilu

126.00 € 25.20 € macaron
Dress Marilu

Dress or underdress Maureen black CREAM
Dress or underdress Maureen black CREAM

79.00 € 15.80 € macaron
Underdress Cream

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