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Choosing colors

You know, there are colors that do not go. But you still have difficulty knowing which. vetements-online an update based on your complexion, the color of your hair and your eyes and tells you which color season you are.
Women Spring Color
women spring color
Brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin, blue or hazel eyes, you are part of women spring. Your greatest asset is: you can wear many colors!
Ladies, you are beautiful in sweater dress light blue or beige. For women who want to be sure not to mistake: all shades of brown for your jackets , Shirts and vests. In contrast, the total look kind of black pants, shoes, sweater and shirt Black is not for you, nor the color too dark, that chokes you up. So the dark, yes, but without exaggeration!
Women summer color
women summer color
Their characteristics: blond hair, fair complexion, blue eyes.
Avoid at all costs to avoid mistakes: the colors too loud and green. Your favorite colors are: black and blue. In dress, long or short your silhouette enhancement
For sunny days, dare colors more tart (such as raspberries, for a scarf style scarf in a pretty top), Or with a little blue (pale purple blouse for example). When the days get cooler, get the plum color, which is so refined.
Women fall color
women fall color
You have freckles, skin rather clear and brown hair with red highlights long hair or flamboyant color, green or hazel eyes? You are a woman fall color.
The greens, including khaki give you a healthy glow. You can wear all the fall colors that recall the earth: brown coat, jacket auburn shirt in ochres ...
The best: the color red is essential to put your beauty enhancement. Beautiful Evening Dress red, and you are the must of the sexy and glamorous!
Women winter color
women winter color
Matte or dark complexion, dark hair or black, and dark eyes, dare all colors you are a winter color!
Dark, clear, bright or pastel colors will you all! To be compelling, it is undoubtedly a bright color or bright it must rely T-shirt or top red, pink, white, without forgetting the dark, tailor Very classical, but always produces its effect.